House of Mercy Children's Home, Lagos, Nigeria (HOM)

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Our X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook pages are updated regularly and keep our supporters informed about our work. We hope that you will spread the word and identify friends and family to join our cause and follow us on our social media platforms! We value your time and enthusiasm.


  • Make a donation

House of Mercy Children’s Home, Lagos, Nigeria (HOM) receives no funding and relies totally on voluntary donations and fundraising to support its work. If you would like to assist us financially, you may support us with a monthly gift or make a one off donation. Our Statements of Financial Activities can be accessed by clicking here.


  • Donate non-cash items

You may also donate non-cash gifts such as children’s books (reading, educational …) and non-perishable food items, clothes, shoes and hygiene products etc. for needy children.


Please note: In line with our Child Protection Policies and Procedures, photography, video and audio recording on any device are strictly prohibited at all times during visits to our children’s home. This policy will be strictly enforced and management reserves the right to deny any electronic device at their discretion. Thank you for your understanding.


If you would like to support our charity in any way, please send us an email at [email protected]  


Whatever your involvement, it will go a long way towards improving the quality of life for a less fortunate child.


Beware of Scams: Requests for donations allegedly made on behalf of HOM, to be sent to an individual through a money transfer service such as Western Union or MoneyGram, are fraudulent and should be disregarded.


We appreciate your interest in our cause and thank you for your support!