House of Mercy Children's Home, Lagos, Nigeria (HOM)

Child Feeding Programme

At House of Mercy Children’s Home, Lagos, Nigeria (HOM), we strive to ensure that no child in our community goes to bed hungry due to lack of sufficient, safe and nutritious food.


Ensuring food security is a national priority, particularly for young children, because not only does it impact on their present health and well-being but also their future health. Malnourished and improperly-fed children have a compromised immune system and do not develop and grow as well as others.


Since the launch of our Child Feeding Programme (Mobile Kitchen) designed to alleviate the suffering caused by hunger and malnutrition thirteen years ago, we have provided over 1,000,000 highly nutritious and life-saving meals to child beggars, street children, child scavengers and other needy and vulnerable children and distributed grocery items to over 30,000 destitute families and people with disabilities in Lagos, Oyo and Ogun States in Nigeria.


Nothing is more uplifting than seeing the smiling face of a hungry child receiving a nutritious meal. Within the limits of available resources, we package and distribute highly nutritious and life-saving meals to starving and malnourished children every week through our Meals-on-Wheels programme.


An integral part of our Mobile Kitchen Programme is the distribution of packaged drinking water to children. Access to clean water for hygiene and sanitation is something many take for granted but for vulnerable children, a lack of access to safe and clean water for drinking and hygiene purposes exposes them to preventable waterborne diseases often with lethal consequences. It is estimated that one in every six people in the world is denied the right to clean, accessible and affordable water.


Videos featuring our food distribution activities on World Food Day (October 16), a global day to increase awareness and action to alleviate hunger, are available on our YouTube channel.


Videos of our Child Feeding Programme can be viewed on our YouTube channel 


In 2024, amidst difficult economic circumstances in Nigeria, we implemented Operation Hunger Relief. This initiative involved the distribution of essential food items to aid vulnerable children and families grappling with hunger and extreme poverty. The video of Operation Hunger Relief is available on our YouTube channel.


« Eradicating hunger is not an issue of charity. It is an issue of justice. » ~ Dr. Jacques Diouf